About Leigh Tango

"Tango is our great passion. We hope you fall in love with this wonderful dance as we have."

Leigh Tango

Leigh Tango was established at the start of 2014 to introduce salon tango to those who had never danced Argentine tango before or wanted to learn to dance in a social setting.

Our tango teachers

Samira Ashraf began dancing Latin and Ballroom more than a decade ago and since discovering salon tango has dedicated her dance to that style. Her technique is true to the roots of tango from Buenos Aires, where she has spent time learning this beautiful dance.

Samira originally taught classes with Luis Rodriguez but now partners with Steve Meachem. They have been dancing together for over ten years and especially enjoy dancing milonga, one of the three genres of tango.

Dance style

The kind of tango we teach is completely improvised and is very much in keeping with how people dance at traditional milongas – tango clubs – in Buenos Aires, the birthplace of tango.

The emphasis is on musicality and interpreting the music in a way that enriches people’s dance and gives them the confidence to dance socially.

Our teaching approach

Our focus is to help people interpret the music by being playful and creative with it and dancing elegantly with a warm embrace – all key aspects of salon tango.

Traditional Argentine salon tango is not choreographed so no two dances will ever be the same, learning how to connect with your partner is what makes this dance so special – we hope you will think so too.

New to tango?

Come along to our next tango class and give it try! See our event schedule for the weekly schedule. We are also available to teach privately on a 1:1 basis. Please contact us to arrange a time.

Samira and Steve

Meet your tango teachers! With over 30 years combined dancing experience, Samira and Steve’s passion for tango is as strong as ever.

Tango performances

Argentine Tango performances by Leigh Tango.