Attending Tango Class For The First Time

Story | Article | News | 25 Jul 2019


We hope you have had a fantastic month. Leigh Tango has been buzzing with enthusiastic dancers, new and regular.  We always say it but we really are amazed by the dedication that our students put into classes. It is wonderful to see how much they grow as dancers each term.

Starting a new hobbie can be daunting.  So many of our students tell us they thought about joining long before building up the courage to do so.

Leigh Tango always encourage people to come along and give Tango a try. Our classes are tailored for beginners through to experienced dancers and we really are a friendly group. Tango is a very social dance and we embrace that at Leigh Tango.

Here are some commonly asked questions from potential students. These answers will make you feel more confident about coming along.

Do I need to bring a partner?

No, whilst you are welcome to come as a couple you do not need to. There are plenty of people to dance with at classes and we rotate partners for variety.

What should I expect from my first class?

Expect your first class to be an introduction to tango fundamentals and the basic framework we like to follow. The tango walk, embrace and musicality. Argentine Tango is a social dance and may not be like what you have seen on TV, the dance is mot choreographed and improvised meaning you can dance with anyone in a much more social setting.

Can I just come along on the day?

Yes, if you would like to come along on a Thursday you are free to just pop in. All of our class info is on the website or our facebook page.

You can also message ahead and let us know you are coming along and ask any other questions you may have.

What should I wear?

It is most important that you are comfortable and free to move around.  Ideally heels for the follower and soft soles shoes for leaders.

Extra tips from us about attending your first tango class

You do not need to be super fit, let us know about any injuries you have and we will work around them. We always warm up and you are welcome to rest if the class is too much. Our classes will help improve your balance, posture and mobility.

If you have never danced before please don’t let it put you off, as we said we cater for all levels.

Open your mind to a new experience, this isn’t like the classes you may have attended at the gym. There is no hiding at the back and no shaming, everyone gets involved and we all support each other.

Be prepared to make friends and have a great time, Leigh Tango is much more like a social club than a task.

Fancy giving Tango a try? get in touch with us here  or come along on a Thursday from 7:15 (classes start back in September after the summer break)