Dancing with Care and Consideration in the Milonga

Story | Article | News | 16 Apr 2019


We hope you have had a fabulous month! we have been having a great time at classes and had the most wonderful evening at our March Milonga, did you come along? If you did we hope you enjoyed yourself.

Milongas are wonderful events, a chance to dance tango, socialise with friends, old and new and listen to beautiful music. The atmosphere is what always makes a milonga for us, our special guest DJ’s make sure that this is just right and our lovely guests always create a friendly place to be.

Milongas can also be a little overwhelming, especially at first or when attending a new milonga.  We have put together some top tips for dancing with care and consideration in the Milonga so that you can relax and know that you are getting it right.  The flow of the dance at milongas is really important to ensure that all couples on the floor can concentrate on each other, the dance and the music – not watching out for other couples getting in the way.

Following the flow of dance at the milonga will help you to be a considerate dancer, the basic rules are the same at every event so being familiar with them will mean that you can confidently attend any Milonga safe in the knowledge that you will be able to dance with care and consideration.

Take a look at the main rules of the dance flow below:

Do …..

Follow the lanes in an anti-clockwise direction and try not to change too much.

Only enter the dance floor when there is space and the couple to the left have seen you.

If you do change lanes make sure you have been noticed by the dancers around you.

If you do have to change lanes always pass left.

Try to keep an eye on the couples next to you from the corner of your eye.

Do not…

Start next to another couple and force them out wait for the music to slow down to join this will affect the flow and cause a traffic jam start with a backward step, cut off others or dance between the lanes.

Extra tips for the Milonga…

Aim for equal distribution between couples.

Do not spend time practising a new step at the Milonga, keep it simple and keep moving.

Respect and listen to your partner and the people around you.

Have fun and enjoy the evening.

We look forward to welcoming you to our next Milonga!

See you soon

Samira and Luis x

We found these posters at http://laokoontango.com/blog/dance-flow-in-tango/ they give a really helpful visual of dance flow and offer some more tips, take a look.