Elegance in Tango

Story | Article | Tips | 05 Sep 2019


We have been enjoying a summer break from classes here at Leigh Tango but dance is always on our minds so we thought our readers may appreciate hearing from us this month with some tips on improving and enjoying this wonderful dance.

It’s no secret that tango is a complex dance with many layers. As an improvised social dance it is open to lots of interpretations all driven from the music – that’s one of the reasons we love it so much isn’t it? It’s through improvisation that we can create our own dance and permutations. As a dancer, it can sometimes be a real challenge to look and feel elegant whilst holding on to that.

Elegance can sometimes be lost when we are thinking too much about figures, timing, our partner, musicality and managing the flow of the dance floor – and more besides!

Elegance, however, is an important part of perfecting the dance. Here are our top tips to remaining elegant.

1. Its all about posture!

We spend a lot of time speaking about and practising good posture in tango classes, being aware of your posture can transform the way you dance. Maintaining good posture is not always easy.  Good posture really adds to the elegance of Tango.  Our top tip for good posture is to be grounded through your feet and feel all your weight anchored through the floor – then lift from the waist up and through your sternum and imagine you’re being pulled up with a piece of string from the top of your head so light in the upper body and grounded in the lower.

2. Elegance in the walk

If you have attended classes at Leigh Tango for a while you will know how important the walk is. The walk can be incredibly powerful whilst remaining really elegant. Open your chest toward your partner making sure your weight is on the balls of your feet (not the heels at this stage as you strife off) to ensure a powerfully elegant walk (forwards for the leader or backwards for the follower), as you land, rolling through the foot (heel, arch, toe for leaders and toe, arch, heel for the follower).

3. Appreciate the elegant beauty in simplicity

Spend the time and energy to perfect the simple parts of the dance before you try to spice thing up with complicated moves. Feel the dance, embrace the music and the rest will come.