February Blog. Celebrating Women of Tango

Story | Article | Tips | 08 Mar 2019


We hope you’ve had a fantastic February! We have certainly enjoyed the sunshine, Leigh on Sea is a wonderful place to be when the sun comes out and what a difference from this time last year when we were cancelling classes because of snow!

As you may be aware, today is international women’s day. We are running a competition on our social media, we are celebrating women all around by asking our members and followers to tell us about the most inspirational women in their lives, to win a free Tango lesson. Take a look on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/leightango/.

If you’re not on social media feel free to tell us about the inspirational women in your lives by email to be in with a chance to win leightango@hotmail.com

Some useful tips for followers to become more playful

Being playful is one of the most pleasurable and satisfying aspects for a follower (and leader) when it comes to tango. Taking the time to be in tune with one another when dancing allows each other to flourish and builds confidence into the dance. A knock on effect to this means we can start to introduce some neat decorations or intricate footwork that fit within the framework of the lead.

1) listening to the music while we dance to find opportunities to interpret the connectors for followers

2) tune into your leader so you can feel their invitation to dance intricate and playful steps

3) keep smiling while you do so, I always find I do this without realising when in an enjoyable tanda!

4) being playful is best experienced here and there and not all the time… it has more impact when you least expect it and there is a surprise element to it.

So enjoy the experience of those playful moments 🙂