Top Tips for The Milonga

Story | Article | Tips | 24 Oct 2019


Are you are having a wonderful October? We have been so busy since the new term started our feet have hardly touched the ground. Classes have been wonderful and we have organised a Milonga for 2nd November which we are really looking forward to.

With our upcoming Milonga in mind we thought now would be a good time to refresh our tips for enjoying the Milonga whilst keeping etiquette and rules in mind.

Our first tip is for before you even set foot in the door. Choosing what to wear to the Milonga can be difficult, our advice is to wear something that you can freely move in, makes you feel great, is airy (Milonga’s can be hard work) Milonga’s are semi formal events so no jeans or trainers, ideally followers should wear heels and leaders soft shoes.

The dance floor at the Milonga is made up of lanes, running in an anticlockwise direction. It can seem a little overwhelming at first but with these dance floor tips you will be just fine.

Dancers should enter the floor when there is a spare space and only when the couple to the left have noticed them.

Followers keep your eyes peeled, you will be asked to dance with a ‘look’ and slight tilt of the head known as the ‘Cabeceo’ traditionally it is not good form for a leader to ask a follower to dance in any other way. If you do not want to join it is polite to simply ignore the request.

Do not wait for the dance to slow down before entering, this may cause a traffic jam.

Do not dance in between lanes and when changing lanes make sure you have been noticed.

As always the most important part of the Milonga is to have fun dancing, socializing and appreciating Tango!

We love this visual representation of the Milonga dance floor, you may find in helpful.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday 2nd November for our next Milonga. xxx