“It’s easy to fall in love with tango with these patient and inspiring teachers.”


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Interview With Michelle Copley

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    Having a fantastic time learning to dance tango with Luis and Samira. Two very patient and inspiring teachers. We have attended two beginners classes so far and look forward to it each week. It takes very little time to fall in love with tango, it is so enjoyable... If you are thinking about giving it a go then go for it!!

    Madhu Ria Frances Katwala Avatar Madhu Ria Frances Katwala

    Danced with 2 of your students (follows) at Twilight Milonga yesterday. Hard to believe they were quite new to tango. Great connection, on axis, no anticipation, just delightful. Great examples of good, authentic teaching I'd presume to say.

    Peter Gibson Avatar Peter Gibson

    Great teachers, great atmosphere. Samira and Luis are very supportive 🙂

    Jake Penny Avatar Jake Penny

    Samira and Luis were welcoming and friendly from the start. They teach with both patience and passion. Tango is not an easy dance by any means but Samira and Luis endeavour to make the journey an enjoyable one. There is a great atmosphere at the Milonga where everybody is included, especially the beginners.

    Michelle Copley Avatar Michelle Copley

    I'm delighted to have found this class. You couldn't ask for two more inspiring (and patient) teachers than Samira and Luis. Highly recommended!

    Joanna O'Connor Avatar Joanna O'Connor

    As someone with two left feet its great to find teachers who whilst they can't make a Nureyev of me they have managed to teach me the basics of the dance and I am no longer too embarrassed to get onto the floor.

    Ian Forder Avatar Ian Forder
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